Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cell Phone Portraits

Granted, not all portraits are taken with a cell phone, but they all fall into the category of self induced mirror shots and I thought it would be an interesting study. In this day and age of rapid communication growth through cellular technology, the emergence of the raw portrait has proven to be rather suitable for tit fans. Here is an array of armature girls showcasing their undulating assets while trying to position the camera phone properly. I love the accidental and amateur quality and think I'll keep it as a reoccurring theme. The chick who's completely naked and holding the camera cocked to the side is my favorite...Look at the immense weight of her breasts and the giant ass that attempts to hide in the background. The blond in the red is also a seemingly impossible beauty; what lust she evokes.  But the sepia tone print of the girl in the black tank top is probably as good as it gets. Where the fuck are these chicks? I'd love to run into any of one of them...just more incredibly well built buxom women. Sometimes it's hard to believe that its such a beautiful world! A look at these foxes will brighten your spirits and harden your tool. How about the girl at the end in the pink tank with the pendulous, ginormous, bulbous boob meat? Imagine a few hours with her? I could envision years.

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